Logistics Services

At Vantage, we are committed to providing our clients around the world with reliable, flexible shipping solutions based on expertise gained from over 20 years of experience. We cultivate long-term partnerships with our customers and vendors to deliver a range of services to meet specific customer needs. We work with all the leading carriers worldwide and utilize the most modern and reliable methods to ensure a quality and secure service.
RoRo Freight
If it can roll we take it. Vantage provides Roll-On/Roll-Off service for vehicles, motorcycles, boats, buses, RV’s, high and heavy equipment including excavators, graders, tractor heads, and bulldozers. With this method, your cargo is driven on the ship and secured on deck by a series of braces and straps and safely rolled off at destination. Operating from loading ports across the US east coast and Texas with frequent sailings to Europe, Middle East, and Africa, we provide a reliable, secure, and safe transportation solution. Doesn’t Roll? We can help secure your cargo on pallets to ensure it onboard.
Containerized Freight
Vantage offers high quality containerized shipments with our strong network of agents and loading facilities nationwide. Whether you’re a shipping for business or relocating personal effects abroad, we can deliver a container to your door or utilize our warehousing and loading network to help you secure your cargo. We provide 20’, 40’ standard, and 40’ high cube containers for shipments of vehicles and or general cargo. With our contracts and relationships with carriers, we provide competitive rates to worldwide destinations.
Trucking / Dispatch Service
Vantage provider door-to-port ground inland vehicle transportation from across the US and Canada to ports on east coast and Texas. By leveraging our in-house trucks as well as our long-term relationships with carriers, we work around the clock as well as weekends and nights to process dispatch and pick up your vehicle to ensure loading before ship cut-offs.
Warehousing / Loading Services
Through our warehouse partners, Vantage offers warehousing, short-term storage, and container loading services. We can provide the labor and equipment to load and secure any commodity including vehicles, cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, palletized goods, household goods, or other loose articles. We now also provide loading for salvage vehicles and auto parts. Click below to view out loading services.